Disruptive Technologies

Disruptive Technologies is all around us. Disruptive technologies like IoT, AI, AIoT, Machine Learning, Robotics, the Cloud and other cutting edge technologies in large and small ways are changing the world around us making old processes better. Our mission at Mobile Commerce Technologies is to see how we can have a hand in disrupting the old way of doing things through new and innovative ways.

Mobile Info

Mobile Info is such a device that has potential to completely disrupt the way transit authorities use their transit assets for advertisements. For ages the most effective way transit authorities made profit from advertising on their transit assets is by wrapping their buses in the advertisement. Imagine technology that would allow the paint to reorganize itself to display different ads. If that alone was not amazing enough, now imagine if the paint on the bus would reorganize itself to different images depending on where the bus was on the route.

Imagine all the other new businesses that would have a strong interest in having their advertisements on your buses. Right now we don't offer such paint that acts like the skin of a Chameleon. However Mobile Info works exactly like the paint but does this by using digital signage that can be displayed right inside your buses. By using Smart Ads, ads are shown based on the buses location and can be shown based on whether or not the advertiser is within walking distance from the Bus Stop. You can now have a different variety of advertising affiliates that were once unimaginable. Small Businesses that once thought it was impractical to advertise using one of your transit assets, would now potentially look at them as a vital part of their marketing agenda.

To help see how this is possible, you could potentially have the local Diner become part of your advertising affiliates list. They might just want to advertise their breakfast specials only in the morning. They might notice an increase of business they have not seen before as riders once off the bus find it easy to walk to the nearby Diner whose having specials that morning. Truly the possibilities are endless. Serving you and your advertising affiliates will be our top priority. This is another primary reason why we are in business! We are here to serve you. We will fully support any product or solution we provide with the upmost professionalism.

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